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Vickers Super VC10

for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 / 2002

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Vickers VC10 by David Chester.


The prototype Vickers VC10 rolled off the production line at Brooklands in Weybridge, Surrey in the United Kingdom to take to the air on 29 June 1962. A total of 54 aircraft were sold. Today in evidence of its extraordinary abilities, after 40 years 19 examples remain in service with the British Royal Air Force. This number is reducing, and by 2011 the VC10 will be retired.

Now, with the help of Microsoft Flight Simulator and David Chester's Vickers VC10 add-on you can experience what it was like to fly this beautiful piece of aviation and engineering history.

This was an aircraft that used some revolutionary concepts giving it an advantage over other aircraft: With it's clean wing and 4 powerful Rolls Royce Conway bypass engines mounted at the rear it could land slower and fly faster than any other jet airliner. It could therefore operate in places that other airliners could not.

With a Mach 0.886 cruising speed and the Super VC10's VNE of Mach 0.94 this is still, arguably,  the World's fastest production airliner with the obvious exception of Concorde which was, in any case, designed and built mostly by the same company. The most extraordinary fact is that 19 of these aircraft are still flying today, operated by the Royal Air Force as passenger transports and refuellers.

The package comprises all three versions of  the VC10 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Standard VC10 with it's 18 liveries, the Super VC10 which is a stretched version of the original with more powerful engines, more wing area and an additional fuel tank in the tail fin. There are also the Royal Air Force C1K and K3 refuellers.  You will also be eligible to receive free upgrades to the product in the future. There have been 6 updates in the last year with each one adding to detail accuracy.


The model features a highly detailed virtual cockpit as well as a bright 2d cockpit. There are many liveries to choose from including the three versions of the BOAC Speedbird livery and the British Airways "Red Tail" livery of the Seventies and early eighties.  The East African Airways livery is also included plus a special RAF "Tactical Grey" K3 model which has deployable refuelling hoses. There is also a special AI version of the K3 which deploys it's hoses automatically at altitudes between 10,000 and 25,000 feet so that you may set up AI flights for refuelling practice using third party traffic tools.  The Standard VC10 has 18 liveries and the Super has 5 (some duplicated).


The model features all the moving control surfaces, opening main doors and opening windows in the Virtual Cockpit. Deployable refuelling hoses in the K3 model. A realistic sound set.  Engine Smoke, Jetwash and Wing Tip Vortices effects. Great flight dynamics and a fully functioning autopilot which works in both standard FS2004 mode and also an authentic VC10 mode. 


Customers will be able to download free updates for the life of this Flight Simulator version 


For larger, more detailed screenshots please see the Screenshot selection thumbnails below.


Click on the images for a larger pop-up version.

We are able to cater for both the standard FS2004 autopilot and an authentic VC10 autopilot in one unit maintaining the look and functionality of the real VC10 autopilot.  The real VC10 has two autopilot computers AP-1 and AP-2 and now our VC10 does too!  AP-1 works as the FS2004 style default autopilot with autothrottle and AP-2 gives authentic feeling IAS and MACH Climb Modes, ALT hold and manual throttles just like the real thing! Unlike the real thing though we are able to offer some assistance in the form of secret switches and panel Icons. It is your choice which method you use at the flick of a switch! Click on the picture to the right for a large pop-up.





There is smoke from the engines (lots of it!) and a jet-wash effect.






There are also smooth wing-tip vortices at high angles of attack.






The gear has suspension arms and these and the pistons have photographic textures.






The RAF K4 model also has deployable refuelling hoses which in the AI version included in the package automatically deploy at altitudes between 10,000 and 25,000 feet. You can, with the help of third party utilities, create AI flights using our refuellers and see how hard it is for the real pilots who do this every day!  Alternatively link up with your friends on a LAN or Internet.





More detail has been added to both the 2D panel and the virtual cockpit and all gauges with working knobs can now be adjusted using the mouse wheel as well as the traditional clicking method.






The aircraft comes with the BOAC gold Speedbird livery, British Airways Red Tail East African Airways and the RAF tactical grey plus a representation of what the VC10 would look like in the current British Airways "Union Flag" livery, and a virtual airline "Trans Global Aviation" with stunning glossy metallic effects. There is also a plain white "paint kit" which you can use to create your own liveries which is available by separate download. The Standard VC10 available after Easter adds another 15 liveries to that model.




The model features all the moving control surfaces, opening main doors and opening windows in the Virtual Cockpit. Deployable refuelling hoses in the K3/K4 model. A realistic sound set.  Engine Smoke and Jet wash effects plus Wing Tip Vortices, Great flight dynamics and Autoland.




Requires Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004:  A Century of Flight or Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002

For larger, more detailed screenshots please see the Screenshot selection thumbnails below and click on the images above.


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Customer Testimonials:

"I have been using your VC10 in FS2004 for several months and despite having many aircraft in my "stable" I am drawn to the VC10
time after time. It is such a beautiful aircraft to fly, to listen to and to look at. Somehow it seems to bring FS2004 alive every time I fly it.
Anyway I just wanted to let you know how much pleasure you have given me"

"The polish and attention to detail on your aircraft is the best I've seen on any aircraft. This alone adds more realism than anything else available. The VC is hardly distinguishable from the 2D cockpit view such is the quality of your work."

"I am truly amazed at the quality of your project. It is all you told me and more! It fly's so smoothly that I am going to be spending many hours flying it"

"it's a wonderful plane and the flight/ground dynamics are among the best in my collection, no doubt about it! I love the predictability and weighty feeling when taxiing.... makes you feel like your in a real heavy as would be expected in a plane of this size... I also love the heavy yet predictable nature when on final approach... I was able to get it onto the centreline with no bounce on the first flight... and that is a very rewarding feeling when you have carefully monitored the controls. This plane will be one of my regulars for sure."

"The download went smoothly, as did the install. What an awesome old airplane! It flies like an eagle, and looks just as majestic. I sincerely thank You"

"Congratulations, what an incredible virtual cockpit and model!"

"As the old saying goes 'if it looks right it'll fly right', and she does."

"An excellent looking model and VC. I like virtual cockpits, I had a VC-10 already but not with the VC, the other one has now been deleted."

...and they just keep on coming!

"I cut my aircraft engineering teeth on these beauties in the late 60's and this sim model is the best I have seen. It flies like a dream."

"I flew big jets for 33 years with BOAC and Swissair, .....  Your VC10 is the most realistic and satisfying model that I have flown "

"First class it was. I'm referring to the product not the postage. . .  Fantastic. Love the smoke trails from the engines and the vapour trails from the wing tips just before a stall if I tilt the vc10 up. I have many airliners from e.g. Just Flight including A340 Professional, A320 Professional. DC-9 -30, Boeing 727, Boeing 747-400, 777-200, 737 NG and this really is up with all of them. "

"I am writing to congratulate you [on it.] I was lucky enough to be the British United Airways VC 10 Fleet Navigator from September 1964 to January 1975. B.U.A. had Standard VC 10's, but from April 1975 to April 1976 I was "on loan" to East African Airways navigating their Super VC 10's.

"I really like your VC10. nice textures, good look in general .... you have done a great job. The panel looks good and the new sounds are a feast for my musicboxes"

"Congratulations ! You made a great product ! I am very happy with the purchase !"

"the reproduction of the VC 10 is great.......I haven't stopped flying the 'damn thing'....."

"I must congratulate you on your VC10 simulation, it is absolutely brilliant."

"This aircraft has the best and most polished finish and detail refinement of any other. I can't thank you enough, fantastic."

"It's a beautiful ship."

"I must congratulate you on your VC10 simulation, it is absolutely brilliant.
I have been flying flight simulators since the days of the commodore 64 and this just has to be one of the best, if not the best simulation I have flown. Well Done"

"Snuck out for a quick circuit over Moreton Bay in G-ASGI just now.  Speechless.  Could have kept going.  Made a Virgin go-around and get off my approach. All the sedate handling I could have anticipated ... and more. THOSE SOUND FILES!  I'm in love all over again.  WELL DONE M8. Congratulations, and thank-you."

"it's virtual heaven flying a VC10. The graphics are brilliant and so is the realism, I would recommend this add-on to everyone who loves the VC10.
Once again many thanks and keep up the good work."

"I flew the VC10 with BA for 12 years. From First Officer, to Captain, and Training Captain. I am 72 now, and really enjoy FS9. I get a real kick with your lovely VC10, especially flying it coupled to the Auto Pilot, and carrying out Autolands at LHR."

"What incredible detail you have managed to have reproduced. The engine sounds are a delight to hear."


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Vickers VC10 (50Mb Download)

 The Addictive VC10 Simulation 
is available by online purchase for CD or Download.

Only 19.95 by download (Approx $34 US)

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Recommended System Specifications

Requires Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004:  A Century of Flight
or Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002

If your computer will run Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 then you should have no trouble running our simulation. The settings can be altered within Flight Simulator to obtain acceptable results on many computers. This simulation includes very many analogue instruments which require an absolute minimum resolution of 1024x768 pixels. 

We recommend the following in order to gain the best experience:

  • Intel Pentium 4 or AMD equivalent CPU with a speed of 3 Ghz or faster (Minimum 2Ghz)
  • A monitor capable of displaying at least a 1280x1024 pixel resolution.
  • Windows 2000 or Windows XP recommended
  • Windows XP runs generally much better with 1Gb of RAM - not just for Flight Simulator
  • nVidia or ATI Radeon based 3D accelerated graphics card with full antialiasing and Transform & Lighting and a minimum of 64 MB onboard RAM
  • SoundBlaster Live or equivalent 128-bit DirectX sound device
  • Up-to-date DirectX video and sound drivers



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