Some of the images on this page represent the state of the aircraft in 2005


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Our Super VC10 is complete. The 2d panel and 3d Virtual Cockpit are superb, the Flight Model is beautifully balanced. We have night lighting inside and out, rotating beacons, opening doors and a detailed Virtual Cockpit. We love this aircraft. It has been great fun, it has taught us an enormous amount and been very interesting.

We *love* FS2004 :)  Thank you Microsoft!

*Some of the images on this page are screenshots taken at different stages of the evolution of our aircraft.
My hearty thanks go to the directors and staff of Trans Global Aviation who generously allowed me to photograph many of their aircraft gauges, gave access to their Pilot Notes and Jane's books and especially to Schneider Trophy winner Nick Snook who has frequently abandoned his beloved B25 in order to test my Vickers Super VC10. I have designed a TGA livery for our full VC10 product as a reward for his hard work. Trans Global Aviation are a real aviation company. They do not, however, operate VC10s (although I am certain Nick wishes they did!).  Also thanks go to all the staff at the Brooklands Museum near Weybridge, Surrey for giving me permission to photograph their aircraft and for the wealth of information they have provided about this and other Vickers aircraft and for running their excellent museum in such a friendly fashion. Most of the staff I spoke with had been employed by Vickers/BAC during the VC10/Vanguard/Viscount/One-Eleven years in design, building, maintenance and sales of these extraordinary aircraft. I thoroughly recommend a visit and a Family Membership.


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